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Lerk Veranda
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Eight meters above forest ground, you can stay overnight, safe and comfortable between tree crowns. We have built six tree top huts named Pine Hut, Larch Hut, Spruce Hut, Birch Hut, Sky Hut and Climbing Hut. All the huts, except the Climbing Hut, are in the almenning forests of Ringsaker, between Hamar and Lillehammer, about two hours drive from Oslo. The Climbing Hut is built closer to the lake Mjøsa.

The Tree Top Huts have magnificent view over Norwegian forest wilderness. You will experience close contact nature, birds and animals of the forest.

The Pine, Larch and Spruce Hut are named after surrounding trees. The Sky Hut, Birch Hut and the Climbing Hut have sky view through large roof windows in the loft ceiling. All huts are fully winter insulated, firewood heated, and have a kitchen area with a cooker and refrigerator. The huts are equipped with all you need for a comfortable and adventurous stay in the trees – in the middle of nature, all year around – with your family or friends.

In summer season we put out canoes to your disposal at the ponds by all huts, except the Pine and the Climbing Hut. The winter usually sets in early, giving beautiful snowy surroundings for the huts, that are situated 5-600 meters above ocean level. As a guest you can freely use 4 cicksledges and 4 sets of snowshoes placed at the huts. There is room for a maximum of 6 people staying at the Pine Hut, 7 people at the Spruce and Sky Hut, and 8 people at the Larch, Birch and Climbing Hut. The sofa benches has to be used for sleeping if there is a maximum number of people staying at the hut.

Here at the home page you can read about and see pictures of experiences you may achieve when visiting the treetop huts. Treat yourself with a memorable stay at one of our huts, or give it as a special gift to someone you care for. Prices from NOK 1.999,- to 4.999,- per hut per day – indepentent of number of people staying at it. Firewood, gas and all kitchen equipment needed for cooking are in the huts, and included in the price. Remember to bring your own flavorings like spices and oils.