How to book a night in a Tree Top Hut

Dates with frame are available dates! When you have decided on a date, go to the site of the hut you wish to stay in. For example the Sky Hut.

On the right side is a calendar view showing you the first month with available dates for that tree top hut. To stay one night click twice on the date of you arrival.
If you wish to stay more than one night click once on the date of arrival, then once on the last day you wish to spend a night (the day before you leave).

Screenshot Booking Bjork 2Netter Rodstrek2 Blur

Weekdays and Sundays are considerably cheeper. And at the same time a lot easier to find available dates. It may be smart to make an effort to get a stay on a weekday.

The dates shown are the dates you arrive at the tree top hut.