How to book a night in a Tree Top Hut

Our Treetophuts are very popular. Fridays and Saturdays must often booked many months in advance, sometimes more than a year. Weekdays are much lower priced than weekend days. And it is considerably easier to find available dates. If you would you like a winter adventure in a treetop cabin, you should already now book for next winter. For available go to select year and month. You will see a calender for each hut. White dates are available, red dates are not available. For one night dobbelclick the date you will arrive. For two nights click the date you will arrive, and the day after. The Treetop cabins are completely at your disposal.

For any other requests, send us a mail

Manual booking on e-mail

It is possible to book your stay in the trees through mail, if you prefer, and you’ll receive an invoice afterward. It will cost NOK 399,-, additionally there is an invoice fee of approximately NOK 45,-. Your request can be sent to: We can unfortunately not guarantee 100% that your request will be processed before someone else has booked the date online.

For manual booking we need to know your name, address, phone number, hut name and date for wished stay. Also add in your mail if you want to order cleaning, bed linen, food or other experiences. We then need to know the number of people involved.