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The Lavvo

  • 6-8 extra beds
  • Outhouse

Lavvo decorated with wilderness design.

At an airy space along the roads of Danseråsen, we have decorated a large Sami lavvo with a small kitchen unit, and a stone built bonfire place with gridirons for cooking and making coffee. Chairs, straw bales and logs covered with reindeer pelts and sheepskin, function as comfortable seating. This is a Lavvo with room for up to 20 people, but it can only sleep up to 8 persons there. It cost from NOK 999,- to rent the Lavvo.

Included in the booking of the Lavvo is normal usage of cube lights as well as dry wood. If you want us to ignite lanterns and a fire in the Lavvo before you arrive will it come with a fee of NOK 500,-. Camp beds can be placed inside for overnight sleeping. It cost NOK 99,- per. persons to rent a bed, but you have to bring your own sleeping bag.

The lavvo is a perfect gathering place for tree top hut guests and others that wants to use this for arrangements. Outside the lavvo is the meeting point for dog sledding and horse sleighing.

The lavvo is occasionally the meeting point for dog sledding and horse sleighing. When renting, the lavvo is available from kl. 17 (5pm) the day of arrival and to kl. 11 (11am) on the day of departure. When there is no dog sledding or horse sleighing outside the Lavvo on the day of departure, you can use the Lavvo until kl. 15 (3pm).

Lavvo Med Utebl
Frode And Ann Mari Relaxing In The Tent
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