Sky Hut

  • 3 double beds
  • 1 extra bed
  • Organic toilett
  • Shower

The Sky Hut is an exclusive treetop hut with panorama view, and a glass ceiling providing breathtaking view to the starry sky from the sleeping loft.

The hut was built in 2013, and is anchored in pine trees on a small heap between two little ponds in the forest of Veldre Almenning. The breakfast veranda facing south-east thrones 9 meters above the forest ground. The evening sun shines on the west facing part of the terrace, 6 meters up in the air. Here you can prepare your meals, or simply enjoy heating from the campfire pan, whilst absorbing the breathtaking views of the extraordinary surroundings.

You reach the Sky Hut by walking 70 meters from the parking, crossing the swamps on wooden shutters that will get you to the hut dry feeted.

The Sky Hut is the ultimate place to experience the joys of silence, watching nature, birds and animal life – and perfect for enjoying the starry sky at clear nights, far from other settlement.

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The hut is approximately 13 square meters, plus sleeping loft. It contains living room with kitchen, a roomy and light sleeping alcove with queen size bed. The large sleeping loft has queen size mattresses on both sides of the sides of the stairs, and sky view through large glass panels in the ceiling. Duvets and pillows are in the hut, and there is room for up to 7 people in total sleeping in the hut, counting in one person sleeping on the sofa bench.

The Sky Hut is equipped with a gas cooker, refrigerator, shower possibilities, compost toilet and a wood stove with glass door that provides you with comfort and heating. The hut is fully winter insulated. There is an outdoor toilet in the outhouse down at the forest ground.

You will find firewood, gas, candles and sunflower seeds for the birds in the hut. A very cosy veranda stretches all way around the hut, and has log chairs, large table and a campfire pan that gives you an opportunity for outdoor or heating. From the veranda you get a grand view of open landscape and two small ponds right underneath. Down at the water, we have put out a canoe for our guests. You will find life jackets for the paddle in the outhouse.

There is a myriad of small birds and squirrels at the bird feeders around windows and terrace railing all year around. Our guests get to see squirrel, woodpeckers and small birds at an arm’s length. If you are patient with them, they will even feed from your hand!

The tracks for cross country skiing in Veldre almenning runs about a kilometer from the hut. The area is offering kilometer after kilometer of excellent ski tracks in the winter, and exciting and varied bike trails in the summer time.

Ski- and bicycle maps are to be found inside the hut. Trails for dogsledding runs nearby the treetop huts.