Granhytta Vinternatt

Spruce Hut

  • 3 double beds
  • 1 extra bed
  • Organic toilett
  • Shower

The Spruce Hut was built in 2012, between coarse old spruce trees, 8 meters above forest ground.

From the hut you get an airy view of open landscape, a little pond, blackock marshlands and the wavy hills of Danseråsen in Veldre Almenning.

From the parking, a 40 meter long footbridge between spruce trees provides an easy access to the hut, designed to make it suitable for disabled.

This is the place to enjoy silence, nature, and the view of birds and animals. The location is perfect for enjoying silent nights and starry skies, far from other settlement.

The Spruce Hut is approximately 15 square meters, containing a separate bedroom with queen size bed, and two queen size mattresses on both sides of the stairs in the loft. From the loft you get an excellent view to bird feeders and a teeming life right outside the windows. There is room for a maximum of 7 people sleeping in the hut, with bed space for 6 people, and 1 sleeping on the sofa bench. The hut is equipped with duvets and pillows. You can choose to bring your own bed linen, or to rent this (NOK 99,- per set).

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There is a gas cooker, refrigerator and a wood stove with glass door in the hut. Firewood, gas, candles, matches, disposable cutlery, cups and plates, and birdseed are included. There is also an outdoor toilet in the outhouse on the ground outside the hut. The Spruce Hut is fully winter insulated.

Wide doors, low thresholds and carefully thought through layout of the hut makes it particularly suitable for families with young children and guests with mobility challenges. The ramp makes it easier for toddlers to walk on their own little feet, and the long sloping footbridge makes it possible to bring a stroller or wheel chair right up to the hut. We are greatful for the many positive feedbacks on this from guests who have stayed at the Spruce Hut.

On the roomy veranda you can sit comfortable on reindeer pelts, whilst preparing food and enjoying the heat from the campfire pan. You get a grand view of open landscape and a little pond nearby the hut. From the veranda you get ringside seating to the marshlands underneath, providing spectacular views to blackcocks at play in spring mornings, sometimes even in the autumn and winter mornings.

There is a myriad of small birds and squirrels at the bird feeders around windows and terrace railing all year around. Our guests get to see squirrel, woodpeckers and small birds at an arm’s length. If you are patient with them, they will even feed from your hand!

The ski tracks for cross country skiing in Veldre almenning runs only a hundred meters from the hut. The area is offering kilometer after kilometer of excellent ski tracks in the winter, and exciting and varied bike trails in the summer time.

Ski- and bicycle maps are to be found inside the hut. Trails for dogsledding runs nearby the treetop huts.