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Birch Hut

  • 3 double beds
  • 2 extra beds
  • Organic toilett
  • Shower

The Birch Hut is built after the experiences from the Sky Hut

It is an exclusive treetop hut situated in Danseråsen in Veldre Almenning, about 300 meters from the Spruce Hut. It has a large and sunny terrace deck with broad sight, going all around the hut.

The Birch Hut is a fully winter insulated hut built over two floors, and is approximately 15 square meters big. It contains a living room with kitchen, a roomy alcove with queen size bed, a sleeping loft with large windows in the roof, and a small bathroom with compost toilet, washbasin and shower. On the sleeping loft there are queen sized mattresses at both sides of the stairs. There you can lie down and gaze at the stars above through the roof windows. There is room for a maximum of 8 people sleeping in the hut, with bed space for 6 people, and 2 people sleeping on the sofa. The hut is equipped with duvets and pillows. You can choose to bring your own bed linen, or to rent this (NOK 99,- per set). There is a gas cooker, refrigerator and a wood stove with glass door in the hut. Firewood, gas, candles, matches, disposable cutlery, cups and plates, and birdseed are included. There is also an outdoor toilet in the outhouse on the ground outside the hut.

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The Birch Hut is built and fastened in spruce trees, with a small birch tree growing through the terrace floor. A small dammed water pond, with three little islands in, is lying almost underneath the hut. Guests are free to use the canoe and two wests. From the living room, two large glass sliding doors opens up to a spacious terrace when the weather invites for it. The breakfast terrace facing south-east is 9 meters above the forest floor. On the west facing side of the terrace, which is also equipped with a bonfire, you can enjoy the evening sun – 7 meters above the ground. Log chairs, table and a campfire pan for cooking ensures warmth and enjoyable moments. From the terrace you get a wide view at the surrounding landscape and water.

You enter the Birch Hut from a wooden staircase that leads to a ramp fastened to solid spruce trees only 15 meters from the parking. The Birch Hut is the place to enjoy silence, nature, and watch birds and animal life, and perfect for experiencing dark silent nights and starry sky – far away from cities, villages or other light sources. If you are a larger group of traveling companions and need two huts to fit in, it is recommended to rent both Birch Hut and Spruce Hut, as they have a short walk of only 300 meters between them. The distance to the Sky Hut is approximately 1,5 kilometers.

We have prepared feeding places for birds on the terrace railing. Extra sunflower seeds are kept inside the hut. There are squirrels and teeming bird life outside windows and on the terrace. Sparrows and tits will feed from your hand if you are a little patient. Blackcock game can be seen from the hut in the spring. The ski trails for cross country skiing in Veldre almenning runs only a hundred meters from the hut. Ski- and bicycle maps are to be found inside the hut. Trails for dogsledding are nearby the treetop huts.

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