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Food at the Tree Top Huts.

We deliver breakfast and dinner to the Tree Top Huts.

Breakfast cost NOK 179,- per person

Dinner cost NOK 229,- or NOK 299,- per person.

Please send an email to if you have questions, or want to order.


Price NOK 179,- per person. For this price you will get homemade bread, crispbread and jams, cold cuts, eggs, white cheese, brown cheese, butter and some vegetables.


Price NOK 229,- pr person. "Elghakk" is at traditional Norwegian dish. It contains grounded moose meat, potatoes, carrots, celery root, flavored with bay leaves and thyme. Served with flatbread and cranberry jam.

Moose patties

Price NOK 229,- per person. Juicy moose patties with mashed potatoes, root vegetables and cranberries jam.

Moose Stew

Price NOK 299,- per person. You will get a delicious homemade moose stew with mashed potatoes and root vegetables. Served with cranberry jam and flatbread.