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Horse Sleighing

Go sleighing with horse and sledge in the winter, or with horse and carriage in the summer.

Our partners are an experienced coachman. We have several different sledgdes for winter use. In the summer, you can choose a prairie wagon, that seats up to 8 people. 

The adventure starts at the large lavvo tent in Danseråsen, 1-10 minutes walk from the Spruce, Birch and Sky Hut – or faster, if you use the kicksledges parked by the huts. You can also make an agreement to be picked up by Geir outside your hut. The sleightour takes you along silent forest roads in the almenning forest, and lasts as long as you request for. For instance, you can make it an evocative or romantic happening with bells and torchlights in the evening. 

There are pelts and blankets in the sledge for atmosphere and warmth.

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