Dog Sledding

The Tree Top Huts seeks to facilitate activities for our guests, in cooperation with local adventure activity suppliers

Dog sledding is a truly beautiful fairy tale of the winter, and our most sought after activity. A tour with dog sledge will give you a great nature experience. It is exciting, fast paced and fun. During the snow periode there will be available for sledding, and when the snow melts it is possible to try kickbikes on rocky roads.

You will most likely meet the dog handlers alone as guest in the Tree Top Huts. You will get personal training and an exclusive experience adapted for you and your wishes. If you are lucky the dog handlers will show you their puppies which you can cuddle with before or after the sledding tour.

A small preview of what is waiting for you if you wish to go dog sledding. Made by Håkon Schei Productions

The experience begins with a meeting at the Tree Top Huts lavvo on Danseråsen or at the Lean-To at our service house. The meeting will contain preparations and grooming of the dogs. The lavvo is a short walk from the Spruce hut, Birch hut and Sky hut, while the Lean-To is a 3 minutes drive from the Larch Hut.

At the lavvo and Lean-To wee can light a fire, and there is some sheep-skin to sit on in a pleasant environment. If you want to have some food served before or after the tour this can be arranged by clarifying it directly with the dog handlers.

The whole experience takes approximately 1-1,5 hours, a little longer if there are many in your group.

We urge you to dress properly with warm winter clothes, warm shoes, headgear, scarf and mittens for the sake of a joyable experience!

After the ride, coffee, tea or toddy, and baking bread twists, are offered in the lavvo.

Lavvo Vinternatt

På våren og høsten anbefaler vi å teste kickbike. Ny og spennende aktivitet på spesialbygd sparkesykkel trukket av huskyer. Se videosnutt! 6 km lang tur til en pris av kr 699.- Minstealder 14 år.

En hundeopplevelse som passer alle for alle langs skogsveiene og stiene ved tretopphyttene er turen med hunder og doble hjulvogner. Turlengde normaltur er ca. 6 km, men alt fra 2-10 km kan være mulig i avtale med hundekjører. Hundekjøring kan bestilles for alle måneder unntatt juni, juli, august av deler av september. Av hensyn til dyrevelferd må temperaturen være under 13 grader.

Vi ønsker å være fleksible: Hvis du før, under eller etter turen ser at du ønsker å kjøre en ny runde eller lengre tur så spør du hundekjører om det er mulig.

På snøføre, normalt fra tidlig i desember, med slede er den vanligste løypa ca 4 km. Forbi krokete furuer, utsiktplasser og åpne myrer i allmenningsskogen. Flott turopplevelse også for barnefamilier og andre som ikke ønsker for lang og krevende tur. Sikkerhet er viktig. Guiden kjører først, barn og også voksne kan sitte i sleden til guiden om de ønsker. Oftest kan to av dere kjøre et hundespann selv. En sitter i sleden og en kjører spannet, så er det mulig å bytte underveis.

Ønsker du en mer utfordrende tur, lengre tur eller turer i blåtimen og nattemørket med hodelykt eller måneskinn, så avtaler du dette med hundekjører.

Procedure for ordering: Send e-mail to frode@tretopphytter.no

Let us know you want to go dog sledding. We need to know:

Name, phone number, which treetop hut you will stay at, arrival date, the amount of adults and children (over 4 and under 12 years).

If you want sleigh rides as an alternativ if dog sledding is not possible, then write it down in the e-mail.

Together with the dog handlers, we do what we can to fulfill your wishes to offer your dog sledding before check-in, during your stay or after check-out.

Several of the dog handlers have a training program leading up to the Femundsløpet or Finnmarksløpet. Therefore can it arise weekends or days where none of the dog handlers have the opportunity to give you this experience. The alternativ when this is the situation we will offer you dog sledding which is a half an hour´s drive away from the treetop huts.

From Pine Hut, Climbers Hut and Larch Hut you have to drive to get to the meeting places.

The Tree Top Huts have permission to prepare the dog trails with a snowmobile. We arrange clearing of roads, meeting places and parking. We have aggreements on road use with the landowners in Veldre and Nes. Guest at Tree Top Huts are allowed to use thee roads and parking for free.

If you want dog sledding without having booked a treetop hut, we can offer you a stay in the lavvo where the dog sledding often starts. The lavvo gives you an atmospheric experience of the wilderness and there are beds for up to 8 people. Lanterns and fire pit are included. For more information about the lavvo, visit: https://tretopphytter.no/en/ca...