Canoeing by the Tree Top Huts

There is small waters around the cabins, natural or dammed, except at the Pine and Climbers hut. We have canoes, paddles and lifejackets that you as our guests are free to use. From the verandas you will have a good overview of the water, which is comforting for parents if the youngsters wants to go paddling alone.

If you wish to bring one of our canoes with you on a trailer or the car roof, for testing it in other waters, the rental cost is NOK 249,- per day inclusive oars and two life jackets. The cano can bee picked up by our service house at Danseråsvegen 173. It lies nearby the Sky, Spruce, Birch and Larch hut. For information it is far away from the Pine and Climbers hut. If this is in any interest for you contact us by e-mail: frode@tretopphytteer.no

Aree you a guest in the Climbers Hut, and wish to paddle on Mjøsa, check rental at Infoteket at Tingnes: https://www.infoteket.no/kajak...