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Animal experiences

Experience of nature is intense at the treetop huts. Birds and animals, the silence, wind through the tree crowns, fabulous moonlight or amazing shooting stars crossing a night-black sky sets the scene for a memorable experience.

We conduct nature adapted feeding of birds and animals close by. Moose can often be seen, and also wild reindeer wander in the area at summer and in autumn. At the swamps and marshlands nearby the Pine Hut, Spruce Hut and Birch Hut, the Blackcock games can be seen without disturbing the play. From the Pine Hut there has been footprints of bear has been seen alongside the swamps, as well as golden eagle, fox and marten with bate, osprey in tree crowns, reindeer herds and crane birds around the marshlands.

Several feeding places in the tree crowns are refilled all year around. A large number of small birds, squirrels and woodpeckers are regular guests, offering their presence on the terrace to great joy for children and adult visitors at the treetop huts. People high up in the trees are not at all common, which maybe explains why animals and birds of the forest are less cautious here.

  • Exclusive and comfortable domicile in midst of the nature
  • View to exciting wilderness
  • Solar time through treetops
  • Bonfire and grilling 8 meters above forest ground
  • Stargazing without disturbing lights from cities or houses
  • Northern light in the south of Norway is a rare sight, but a great experience from the treetop huts
  • Listening to silence in the night
  • If you are lucky, you will see moose from the terrace
  • Small birds, squirrels and woodpeckers at feeding places on the veranda
  • Squirrels and little birds can be fed with sunflower seeds from your hand
  • See fish vakes in the waters outside Sky Hut and Larch Hut
  • Blackcock game on marshland by Pine Hut, Spruce Hut and Birch Hut
  • Birdlife in waters next to Larch Hut, Spruce Hut, Burch Hut and Sky Hut
  • Sometimes crane birds can be seen on the marshlands

All photos on the home pages are taken from or close to the treetop huts.

Tretopphytter 190
Tretopphytter 190