Frode Og Ann Mari I Trappa

About us

The Tree Top Hut Story

Frodes versatile interest in nature and outdoor experiences triggered the ideas of tree top huts in the almenning forests of Veldre. A prototype of the Pine Hut was built in 2005. After some failing, a lot of climbing, nailing and dairing construction attempts, the second edition of the Pine Hut was approved for accomodation and rental in 2006. It was a huge success, with many media coverages and great interest from guests.

In 2010 the Tree Top Huts was converted to a corporation, where the landowner Veldre Almenning became co-owner. The Larch Hut was built this year. It was larger than the Pine Hut, and now with solar panels, shower and compost toilet inside the hut. Increasing demands led to building of the Spruce Hut, that was ready for use at spring 2012. This hut does not have stairs leading to it, but instead a wooden ramp that makes it accessible for strollers and wheelchairs. This hut is recommended to people with mobility challenges and families with small children that needs a stroller brought up to the hut.

The next hut was the Sky Hut, that was finished in June 2013. This was the first hut with glass ceiling in the sleeping loft, and with a veranda running all the way around the hut. In January 2014 we started building the Birch Hut. Builder Steinar Kråbøl is increasingly important to us in regard to the building process, and this time more than ever. The new hut has glass ceiling in the sleeping loft, and a large, airy veranda. The construction is based on the experience from the first 4 huts, but with a new and lighter design.

The Tree Top Huts are complicated projecting, and expensive to build. The wear and tear from wind and weather may call for comprehensive maintenance needs. Tree top huts are not permanent buildings, they have limited life. They last around 10 years. After ended usage time, they will be dismounted.

The employees Gaute Schei, Håkon Schei, Trond Sørum, Svein Egil Sørlie, Wenche Sørlie, Morten Lierhagen, Lars Vegar Høgset and Ann-Mari Jahr are in 2017 directly connected to operation of the huts. The Tree Top Huts have become a lifestyle for the couple Frode Schei and Ann-Mari Jahr.