Here are some of the most frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to rent a Tree Top hut?
Answer: A Tree Top Hut cost between 1999,- and 4999,- NOK per night. The price includes all you need, except food and bed clothes. The Pine hut is cheapest and the Birch, Sky and Climbers huts are the newest, biggest and fanciest, and therefore the most expensive. See the price calendar of each hut for detailed prices.

Is the price per person, or how many is it for?
Answer: No, the price is for the Tree Top hut for one night. This includes as many people as the hut allows. You will find this information under each specific Tree Top hut.

How do I pay?
Answer: You will pay directly by credit card via our online booking service.

Do we ever have to share the hut with others?
Answer: No, the Tree Top hut is at your disposal and yours only.

Is it possible to order food? 

Answer: https://tretopphytter.no/en/ac...

Where are the Tree Top Huts?Answer: In Ringsaker kommune, between Hamar and Lillehammer. About 2 hours north of Oslo. We will send you a detailed road description after your booking, some time before your stay. This is done to minimise traffic around the Tree Top huts.

Where do I find the key?
Answer: Information about this is sent to you before your stay.

Can we bring a dog?
Answer: Dogs are welcome in the Tree Top huts. But this also means a greater job cleaning before departure. PS bring a bag for the dogs leavings.

What time of year is the nicest?
Answer: Difficult question. It depends when you think the nature is at its nicest. What activities you wish to try. Dog sledging, skiing, cycling, canoeing, swimming, hiking etc. All the Tree Top huts are winter insulated and are in use all year round. Our goal is that all guests shall arrive a warm hut with lit candles in winter. 

What Tree Top hut should I choose?
Answer: All the Tree Top huts are equipped with electricity, hot and cold running water, expect the Pine hut. The have a bio toilet in the hut as an extra to a traditional out doors toilet on the forrest floor. The Pine hut is a bit smaller than the others. We do not do a daily service in this hut, it is based on the principle that you leave it in the way you came to it. 

If you want to see bird and animals your best choice is the Birch, Spruce or Pine hut in April and the first half of May. Opportunities for fishing, canoeing and swimming are best at the Sky, Larch, Birch and Spruce hut. Fishing is best at the Larch or Sky hut. There are great tracks for skiing around the Birch and Spruce hut. Dog sledging is available at the Birch, Spruce and Sky hut. Guests at the Larch hut must drive about 5 kilometers to go dog sledging. 

The Sky and Birch hut have a panorama sky window over a spacey loft with beds. The most space on the forrest floor is at the Larch hut, with room for about 15-20 people around the fire place. The Spruce hut is the only Tree Top hut with a ramp instead of stairs. This allows for wheelchair users to visit the Spruce hut. 

What are the possibilities for fishing?
Answer: There are fishing possibilities at the Larch, Sky, Birch and Spruce hut. Though these are small fish in small lakes. For information about other fishing opportunities and hunting please see www.rjfo.no

Whart do we need to bring?
Answer: Drinkiwater, indoor shoes, flashlight, bed clothes/sleeping bag, coal for the grill, food, spice and other drinks. The huts have limited amount of space so please pack small and smart.

Can we order cleaning? 
Answer: yes, cleaning costs 399,- This is an optional extra when booking.

Can we order bed clothes and towels?
Answer: Yes. Bed clothes and towels are 99,- per person. We will leave it in the hut for you. 

Is the a coffee machine in the hut?
Answer: No, but there is a kettle for heating water to mix with coffee.

Can we order food at the hut?
Answer: You may order food witch you pick up on your way or we can deliver it for you. Please see the site for food under the activities.

What about cancelations?
Answer: Please read about our cancelation policy under the site for terms and conditions.

Is there public transport to and from the Tree Top huts?
Answer: No, sadly. The Tree Top huts are located deep in the forrest. But you can easily get there by car. Or you take a taxi from the center of Brumunddal. Prices range from about 300,- depending on the day of the week and the time of day.

Are there squirrels in all the huts?
Answer: There are normally squirrels in all the Tree Top huts.

Are there canoes at all the huts?
Answer: Yes, except the Pine hut and Climing hut, where there is no water. Alle canoes come with two ors and two life jackets. We recommend you bring your own life jacket for the children.